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Mould in newly built Perth home blamed for family's rashes, joint pain and headaches

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

The article posted on the ABC News today and the interview aired on ABC Radio, highlights the important issue that Australians and relevant organisations are not taking the insidious damage being caused by mould in many homes and buildings seriously enough.

in October 2018, a Federal parliamentary committee handed down a report calling for more research into Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and related conditions and how prevalent they were in Australia.

The important fact to recognise, is that just because you don't see mould, there is none present.

It can lie hidden and dormant for long periods of time, and still cause health issues.

Most people leave it too late to identify the presence of mould, until they start to experience health symptoms.

Xspor Australia can remove mould from your home.

'A Perth mother has blamed festering mould due to building defects in her four-year old home for a series of chronic health problems suffered by her family.' Read the full story and hear the interview here If you think you may need mould removal, don't delay - Call us 1300 029 141 for an inspection.

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