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Don't Be Vulnerable To Threats You Can't See

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Create a New Surface
Hostile to Pathogens

The silicone dioxide particles create microcrystalline-like structures, which bond to the surface creating a new protective barrier.

If harmful pathogens come into contact with the new surface, microSURE “immediately” and “continuously” works to mechanically destroy them

MicroSURE™ is the unique result of a 15-year-long research and development process by our group of experts in the field of material science and biotechnology to develop an antimicrobial solution that protects human skin and multiple diverse surfaces including air handling systems.

microSURE: How it works

Scientist Using Microscope

Chemical Free

Non Toxic

Alcohol Free

Continuous Protection

technology explained by Dr Erwin Lo, Neurosurgeon & founder.


You Can Control ANY Surface

microSURE™ surface protectant works unlike any other existing solution for combating dangerous pathogens that cause disease. Unlike disinfectants which only sanitise when wet, microSURE™ provides continuous bio protection week after week, month after month.

microSURE Hand & Skin Protectant

Microsure Hand Skin Protectant

microSURE Surface

Protectant Spray

Microsure surface protectant spray


Distributed in Australia by

Xspor. The mould eradication specialists. 

At Xspor, we are passionate about natural products and believe that excellence can be delivered by science. We have reviewed the scientific claims made by microSUREand have seen first-hand the ability of the product to keep areas germ-free.


We are delighted to bring microSURE to the Australian market.

Jill & Graeme Rogers  - Directors

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