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EnzyCleanse by Xspor Australia

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Environmentally Safe
Mould and Mildew Remover

Mould and MIldew should be removed before they create serious health issues.


There are many mould removal businesses using toxic chemicals to treat mould. At Xspor, we seamlessly apply Enzycleanse to penetrate through all porous materials to the root cause of the mould, without toxins.


With an estimated 7 million Australians suffering from respiratory conditions, triggered by mould, dust mites, indoor pollutants and allergens, mould has become a serious health hazard. At Xspor, we seamlessly apply Enzycleanse through a micro fogger, without toxins or chemicals, EnzyCleanse’s formula is safe for humans, pets and plants.


Ideal for mould removal in hospitals, schools, public buildings, business premises, residential homes, restaurants, aged care facilities, fitness and health centres, industrial buildings, mining sites, caravans, boats and all vehicles. 


EnzyCleanse is a powerful and effective way with catalytic enzymes to penetrate and dissolve the bonds that hold mould spores together, thereby effectively eliminating contamination in treated areas.

The Science behind 

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Mould removal - the natural way

To eliminate your mould problem, we use unique purpose-designed equipment  which is  extremely powerful for a range of applications.


In conjunction with treating inaccessible areas such as wall cavities, micron fogging can effectively target airborne contaminants and further penetrate porous surfaces like gyprock, plasterboard, wood, curtains and carpets. 

The Materials Safety Data Sheets can be found here

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