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How we eradicate mould

This is our proven mould removal process

Being a Nationally Certified IICRC Company, Xspor Australia takes your mould issue seriously and our professional Remediation process will cover all the aspects needed to take care of your home or workplace environment and restore it to a healthy, clean condition.

Our Treatments process includes:

Site Inspection

Our qualified technician will assess your property and environs to identify the source of the water or moisture intrusion that is allowing opportunity for the mould to grow. If any structural work is required, our own Certified Building Environmental Consultant will inspect the area and will liaise with professionals to have it completed.


Mould Threat Analysis

We will test your property for humidity, heat and moisture readings to assess if the conditions are conducive to mould growth. If required, we will take air and surface samples to identify the mould type and toxicity level. These samples are sent to an Accredited Independent Laboratory for analysis.


Cleaning of Surface Mould Growth

We use the latest cutting-edge tools to thoroughly clean the surfaces of visible growth, creating the ideal preparation for the removal of the remaining mould plant structures.


Mould Removal

Our uniquely designed dry fogging system allows our natural plant-based enzyme product to penetrate all porous materials such as gyprock, wood, soft furnishings and carpets. Safe for humans, animals and plants, Enzycleanse™ will remain effective for up to two years, eliminating any remaining mould present.


Ongoing Mould Removal & Maintenance

On completion, we will supply ongoing education and preventative measures to keep your home or business healthy and as free of contamination as nature allows.


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I would welcome the chance to talk with you to provide further information about our products and to see if we can provide an eco-friendly, cost effective, and safe solution for any situation where contaminants may be present.

Graeme Rogers CEO

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