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DrySurface, Biofilm Remover and Surface Disinfectant 

SURFEX® is the World’s First Dry Surface Biofilm Remover and Surface Disinfectant which has been TGA Approved as a product and it kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Surfex - Biofilm Information


Biofilm is a thin layer of microorganisms adhering to a surface.


Biofilms can be found widely throughout the Environment. For example, Biofilms are present on teeth as dental plaque and also found in water supplies, air conditioning units, food processing, curtains, chairs, phones and computer keyboards along with many other surfaces.

Healthcare Associated Infections impact over 200,000 Australians every year. One reason is that pathogens lie dormant under biofilm which other disinfectants don't remove.

Research has proven that prior disinfecting products failed to remove significant amounts of dry surface biofilm and associated bacteria from surfaces.

Surfex removes the Biofilm + Kills the Pathogens

Your 2-in-1 Solution!


Surfex® has been tested and shown to be superior to Chlorine and other Disinfectant types in all aspects of Dry Surface Biofilm Removal and Surface Disinfection.

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