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Applications in real life

We will create a bespoke disinfection design, choosing the right products and installation for your location.

Trying on a Necklace


With continuous foot traffic and people’s tendency to handle and touch merchandise, there is a higher risk of contamination in retail outlets. Upper-Air Luminaires and the Disinfection Unit will provide protection while activity continues in the area.

Appropriate  Products

Hair Salon

Hair & Beauty Salons

Close touch contact and frequent incoming traffic pose the risk here. Client rooms, chairs, floors, washrooms can be sanitised with the disinfection Unit or the Active Air Unit. Scissors, combs, brushes and other utensils can be sanitised with the Mini-Chamber 

Appropriate  Products

Technology at School


Upper Air Wall and Ceiling Luminaires will sanitise all classroom walls, desks and surfaces while students work safely.

Appropriate  Products

Modern Office


Upper Air Wall, Active Unit and Ceiling Luminaires will work quietly and efficiently while staff are moving and working below

Appropriate  Products

Gym Workout


Upper-Air Wall and Ceiling Units work efficiently to sanitise the gym space and machines, providing very effective coverage when combined with manual wiping of equipment.

Appropriate  Products

Hotel Room


Disinfect guest rooms, reception areas, meeting and conference rooms and health club facilities using the Upper-Air Luminaires, Active Air Unit and UV-C Disinfection unit.

Room keys,small and high touch items can be sanitised with the Mini-Chamber

Appropriate  Products

Food Market

Food Outlets

Disinfection of open spaces, preparation surfaces and equipment can be achieved using the power of the Upper Air Wall and Ceiling Luminaires while work is carried out throughout the working day.

Appropriate  Products

Empty Bus


Disinfection of interior surfaces, doors and seating of different vehicles can be achieved with UV-C Trolley and Active Air Units

Appropriate  Products

UV Solutions Australia delivers disinfection design, installation and service based around the Philips Lighting UVC range of products .

Disinfection services:​

  • Disinfection advice and planning

  • Lighting (disinfection) design

  • Disinfection lighting installation

  • Philips UVC Luminaire range

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UV Solutions Australia is an accredited distributor of Philips UV-C Disinfection Range • We are located in sunny QLD • We provide UV-C lighting installations throughout Australia

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