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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Whether it’s on bathroom ceilings, in dank bedroom corners or in brand new apartments – mould is a tricky issue to deal with. A lack of recognition of the risks of mould in a property, often causes discord and the ‘blame game’ between landlords and tenants in leased properties.

You can’t always see or even smell it, however it affects almost 1 in 3 Australian homes and can have devastating consequences on the lives of those who can’t produce antibodies against it.

Why is mould such a problem now?

Energy efficient homes are like plastic bags (air and watertight) with compromised passive ventilation. Consequently, there has been a considerable increase in the number of complaints to the Building Commission about condensation issues. Additionally, we have changed from using natural building materials like hard wood timbers that naturally contain fungal-resistant resins, to pre-digested particle board that has become the perfect ‘fast food’ for mould.

What treatment should be used??

The standard solution has been to treat the mould with a bleach or chlorine product, or simply ‘paint over’ the problem. Neither of these methods addresses the serious health concerns that mould in living spaces presents – leaving tenants AND landlords potentially at risk of further damage and health problems.

Chemicals are highly reactive, so anything in contact with them can be harmed. They are also consumed as they work , losing effectiveness within hours.

Why are enzymes so effective for mould?

An enzyme is a protein catalyst which creates a chemical reaction on living organisms, without being destroyed in the process, so it can remain effective for long periods of time.

Enzymes catalyse all kinds of chemical reactions – in growth, blood coagulation, healing, diseases, digestion and many other biological activities.

XSpor’s “Enzycleanse’ is a all-natural plant-based formula which contains enzymes that are specifically designed to react with mould, and therefore are harmless to humans, pets, plants and furnishings. The enzymes cause a reaction which breaks down the cell walls of mould growth, rendering them into an inert and harmless state, and can remain effective for years.

Enzycleanse’ is delivered by a fine dry fogging system which allows maximum penetration into porous surfaces such as gyprock, plasterboard, wood and soft furnishings.

The friendly XSpor team of professionals are certified and trained to apply the product in a short time frame, leaving the dwelling fresh and safe.

Xspor Australia can remove mould from your home.

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