The mould plant can be likened to a tree or weed, with roots and branches which embed themselves in porous materials. Mould spores are like the flowers of the mould plant that are invisible to the naked eye.

They enter our homes through open windows, doors and vents or they ‘stow away’ on our clothing, our pets or items we bring inside.

Once inside they seek a food and moisture source where they can settle in and germinate.

Some of the sources of food for mould spores include gyprock, carpet, paper, cardboard, upholstery- when these become wet or damp through humidity or water leaks, this presents a perfect home for the mould spores to grow, and this can occur within 24-48 hours.

By the time this growth is found, it can have spread behind an internal wall, above ceiling tiles or underneath carpets, so early remediation is crucial to prevent further spread and subsequent health issues for vulnerable people.

Xspor Australia is a Nationally Accredited and Certified Company for Mould Remediation. Our qualified technicians will inspect your property for an assessment of contamination.

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