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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

"I had mould growing in my lungs."

Mould on Pumpkins

Here at XSpor we have dealt with many mould infestations over the years, however, for a young lady from Canberra these mould problems went from a household issue to a life-threatening problem.

The past six months have provided the perfect opportunity for mould to reproduce at incredible speeds. As we have discussed in our blogs in the past, mould LOVES humid environments, and La Nina provided the perfect opportunity for mould to grow.

With such prolific mould growth its impact on human health is more evident than ever before. In a seemingly nightmarish scenario Caitlin Ross had mould growing in her lungs, endangering her life and leading to permanent health complications.

For those who are immunocompromised a mould infection can lead to serious lungs problems.

Get on top of your mould problems before they become a health complication. Our professional team at XSpor will be sure to eradicate any mould issues you have, with our environmentally friendly

solution - Enzycleanse.

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