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Mould in Rental Homes Under the Spotlight as Family Claims Health Problems

Mould can have a severe impact on not only your belongings and home, but your physical and mental health too. The ABC recently reported on the severe effects that mould can have on those who are exposed to it. This is particularly true in rental homes, where the tenant may not be aware of the issues that are hiding underneath the surface.

Ms Narthakumar had begun renting a home in an affluant suburb of Perth. While the home seemed to be in good condition, she noticed that the evaporative air conditioning system was not working as expected. Soon after, she began to suffer from a range of health issues, which are known to be associated with mould exposure.

These included joint pain, extreme fatigue, and rashes. She was "severely itchy, head to toe." These intense effects meant that Ms Narthakumar had to undergo a long round on anti-fungal medication, as well as suffering damage to her property.

"It has had a tremendous effect on us, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially," Ms Narthakumar said.

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Read full story on ABC News

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