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Is the air in your premises clean?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

As Australia continues to emerge from lockdown, many residences, offices and other venues have been shut for some time. When there is a lack of ventilation or some indoor dampness, mould can accumulate and whilst it may be invisible to the naked eye, the mould spores can affect the health of many susceptible individuals.

At Xspor Australia, we use a safe, all-natural product to eradicate mould, rather than the harsh chemicals used in other traditional mould treatments. Our professional team will apply the product with a fine fogging system, leaving your premises freshly smelling, clear of mould and safe to re-enter after 24 hours of application.

Developed and patented in the U.S, Enzycleanse comprises natural enzymes, creating a solution that can last for up to two years and is safe for humans, pets, furnishings and plants.

Xspor Australia for clean, mould-free air.

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