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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The east coast of Australia has been hit with unprecedented levels of rain over the past few months. While there may not be an end in sight for the grey skies and pouring rain, the effects of the wet weather may have already made themselves at home in your houses. One of these effects is mould.

Storm Clouds

Whether it was from increased humidity or water seeping into your houses, the current weather conditions are a paradise for mould to grow. Mould loves damp dark areas with little ventilation. It spreads through airborne spores which are harmful to your health. Unfortunately, removing mould isn't so easy.

Mould on a Wall

Thankfully XSpor has the solution, our professional mould removers follow a 5 step process to ensure your mould problem is a thing of the past. Our EnzyCleanse™ formula is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical cleaners. This will ensure mould is removed in a way that doesnt impact your health or the environment, without any compromise on effectiveness.

Learn more about our environementally friendly mould removal solution by following the link below.

Or get in contact with us today to make your mould problems dissapear!

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