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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Most boat insurance policies typically don't cover mould damage, so it can be a rude awakening to open up your boat and be greeted with a dank, musty smell or mildewy cushions, carpets and headliners. Mould spreads by growing spores, and every boat has them.. The key is to deny them what they want so they don't grow.

A single water leak can start spores growing. Rain leaking through hatches make a boat interior a mould haven. On sailboats, chainplates that penetrate the deck are a common problem area, as is leaking deck hardware (cleats, rails and windlasses).

Mould can then spread to bedding, seats, mattresses, clothing, towels and other items making your time on the boat an unpleasant experience.

If you have a mould problem on your boat, contact Xspor Australia on 1300 029 141 to get rid of the problem,

or fill our contact form in and we will call you.

Xspor are the Expert

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