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A long season of rain has led to a NSW agency recommending that tenants make sure their windows are open this winter, despite the bitterly cold winds. Adequate ventilation is critical to reducing the risk of mould.

Mould on Ceiling

As we have discussed previously mould loves areas with moisture and low ventilation. After the record breaking rains and floods, houses across the eastern coast have been inundated with moisture, and as people warm their houses with heaters humidity in houses balloons. This combination of factors leads to the optimal growing conditions for mould.

Mould isnt just an eyesore, it can have significant impact upon peoples health especially those who are immunocompromised or have lung conditions such as asthma. The impact of mould in rental properties has become a talking point. NSW MP Jenny Leong has put forth a bill rquireing that homes be mould-free.

With no end in sight to the rainy weather, it is important to educate yourself all about mould. At XSpor Australia our professional mould removers follow a 5 step mould removal process to ensure your home is mould free. We use EnzyCleanse™, our environmentally safe mould removal product that ensures safety and efficacy without the nasty chemicals.

Whether you are a tenant, landlord or commercial, get in contact with us today to ensure your mould problem is a thing of the past.

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