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Is there a safe, natural alternative in mould removal?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Mould on a Wall

The presence of mould in your home or workplace can be a real and present danger, especially to children, the elderly, and those with respiratory illnesses. Often times, Mould removal involves harsh chemicals that you don't want to expose your family, pets, and other loved ones to.

Thankfully, there are other natural, safe options for you and your family. Xspor Australia’s organic, and totally non-toxic ‘Enzycleanse’ presents a safe alternative to the traditional methods of using toxic chemicals to treat the mould.

Our fully trained and accredited technicians will visit your home and identify the existence of mould, then provide you with an air quality assessment. We can then treat the mould using the latest technology in mould remediation, so you can breathe better, feel better, be better!

In Winter, and even more so since the pandemic, studies show that more people are spending 90% of their time indoors, and air quality-related sickness is on the rise. Xspor Australia has the answer – the health and safety of our clients is always our goal. Our bi-fold method of cleansing the air of contaminants can be performed in a short space of time but has long-lasting retention.

Most people wait until their health suffers – don’t let this be you!

If you think you may have a mould problem, give us a call on 1300 029 141

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