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Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Girl in the Sunshine
  • Does UV Light Eliminate Mould?

Ultraviolet light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation that comes from many different sources, the primary of which is the sun. While this type of light is all around you, it can’t be detected by the eye. A person’s body uses ultraviolet light for the production of vitamin D, which is why it’s recommended that people go outside on a regular basis to better absorb vitamin D. However, too much exposure to UV light makes it more likely that a person will suffer from burns or even develop cancer.

While too much UV light can be harmful, this type of light has a wide range of beneficial applications.

For instance, UV light is widely used for the detection of various biological materials at crime scenes. If you work in a facility with sanitation needs, ultraviolet light can also be applied to many situations where sanitation is necessary.

This light is able to kill bacteria and viruses without using harmful chemicals, which is why it’s commonly used to sterilize biological research facilities and medical facilities. When applied correctly, UV light can also eliminate mould

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