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Is your home making you

Guy Leech - World Champion Ironman had the same problem.

Listen to his story....

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Mould Removal -

the natural way.

Experience the difference of breathing enzyme cleansed air. 

To eliminate your mould problem, we use specially designed micron foggers that penetrate the surface to eliminate mould spors, rendering it harmless for long lasting effectiveness.

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Relieving common causes of Asthma

With an estimated 7 million Australians suffering from respiratory conditions, triggered by mould, dust mites, indoor pollutants and allergens, mould has become a serious health hazard.


At Xspor, we seamlessly apply Enzycleanse through a micro fogger, without toxins or chemicals, EnzyCleanse’s formula is safe for humans, pets and plants.

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Sanitising your home

The new generation of sanitising technology in this uncertain environment

Our UVC germicidal Lamp is proven to eliminate airborne spores and surface mould.

It can create 360 degree purification (mite removal 100%, sterilisation rate 99.9%) and bring a healthy environment to your workplace, home and family.

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How to eliminate mould

Our systems are based on scientific evidence with a focus on natural products that provide a safe environment



Certified technicians...

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Specially designed micron foggers which treat inaccessible areas such as wall cavities, and can effectively target airborne contaminants and further penetrate porous surfaces like gyprock, plasterboard, wood, curtains and carpets. 

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Our UV-C light destroys bacteria, viruses, mould and other allergens that may be present in your home, furniture, bedding or workplace.

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The world's first Dry Surface Biofilm Remover and Surface Disinfectant which has been tested and shown to be superior to chlorine and other disinfectant types

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